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Commercial and Industrial Roofing Broadway, Worcestershire
Commercial and Industrial Roofing - Roof Lights and Fans Broadway

Rooflight Replacement 

by Broadway Roof Company
Many buildings require a source of natural light and therefore have rooflights incorporated into the roof. Rooflights can be of various materials and design such as northlight glazing, domes and GRP translucent sheets.

Defective and ageing rooflights can often be the cause of roof leaks or insufficient light levels. Practical Roofing has many years experience replacing all types of rooflight with up to date systems. These include single skin and factory assembled insulated GRP rooflights (FAIRS), GRP and polycarbonate domes and multi-wall polycarbonate glazing systems.

Rooflights become discoloured over time from exposure to ultra violet radiation. This discolouration can be mistaken for dirt, but often attempts to clean them has no effect as the discolouring is a result of fibres within the GRP changing colour.  

Sometimes a roof may have twin skin rooflights, an internal and external layer. Sometimes the problem may only be within the top sheet allowing us to simply replace with new or both may require replacement. 

Site assembled rooflights, manufactured in both GRP and polycarbonate, are quick and easy to install. All sheets achieve the highest levels of profile accuracy and cover a range of options, including safety levels, U values and fire ratings. Single, double and triple skin rooflights are available for a huge variety of applications from canopies to warehouses and factories to retail and leisure facilities.

Insulating Rooflights

Manufactured to suit a customer’s exact specification. Delivered to site as a complete ready to install unit. A cost-effective rooflight option that can be incorporated into most new or refurbished roofs. Manufactured in both GRP and polycarbonate in formats to suit all of the commonly encountered sandwich panel roof coverings.

Modular Vault Rooflights

Comprehensive range of modular length, double skin vault rooflights available in GRP and polycarbonate. Suitable for either flat, pitched or curved roofs, Multivaults are a cost-effective range of vaulted rooflight options that are easily incorporated into new or refurbished roofs.

Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

Solid polycarbonate sheet with shatter resistance up to 200 times that of glass, ideal for canopy glazing applications. 


Roof Ventilation 

Adequate ventilation in any workplace is essential for good health and productivity. A well-designed and efficient ehaust ventilation system has many benefits, including:

Reducing exposure to airborne hazardous substances thereby preventing work-related illness  and turnover;

Preventing the accumulation of heat in the workplace thereby preventing heat exhaustion;

Reducing time and money spent on inspection and cleaning of raw materials, semi-finished products and final products when dust, oil, organic solvents and other airborne substances are kept to a minimum;

Reducing costs for electricity;

Increasing productivity when the working environment is comfortable and well-adapted to the needs of the workers.

Use Intake Type and Exhaust Type Ventilation Fans Properly

There are two types of ventilation using electric powered fans: intake or supply type fans and exhaust ventilation type fans. The combined use of intake and exhaust can increase greatly the efficiency of ventilation